Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bragmo available outside of the United States? 

Currently Bragmo is offered in the United States only but our future plan is to be a global platform.

What do I do if I want to manage my own sales history but also be able to find new sales talent? 

In order to have both a Sales Talent account and a Employer account, you need to sign up separately for each using 2 different email addresses. Typically users will use their personal email for their own sales account and their professional email for an employer account.

If I am a recruiter, can I get access?

Bragmo is currently designed to connect hiring managers with sales talent, however, we are considering support for a traditional recruiter user in the future. If you are interested in signing up as a recruiter, please let us know via our Contact page so we can gauge the level of interest and add you to our list. If an account is found to be recruiting on behalf of another company, the account will be terminated and any future requests for access will be denied.